Where's my creativity?!

2017-04-13 08:47:18 by mapsynth

UGH. Not many musics lately. In fact, zero musics lately.

Ok, let's talk about this. I'm not being very active on Newgrounds or, in fact, anywhere on the internet or irl. The problem being, other than the obvious lack of time (thx university), the lack of any substantial ideas. Not a very florid period, to say the least.

After I left my band (I played bass in a rocky/metally band) my creativity went pretty much missing. I'm lucky if I can get a 15 seconds loop out of my head that isn't a one-chord pentatonic scale. I feel like I should try doing something new, something different. However, to put it in simple words, I really feel like I can't be bothered. No easy way to explain this shit.

I would say that I've lost interest, but it's not totally true. I still like music a lot, but I can't feel the initial "oomph" and passion I used to have. I have only published 3 of my works so far, but I have made a lot of musical things in my life since I was 15. Stuff that isn't going to be published unfortunately, as most of them were covers, songs from my ex-band and way too primitive experiments with electronic music.

I know I'm barely relevant here on Newgrounds, but that isn't what's stopping me. I will try my best to get back on track and recover my interests in music (and other things I left behind). See ya then!


2017-02-14 11:07:43 by mapsynth

Finally, after months of struggle, I'm done with exams for now! Sweet!!

New tracks are coming. I'm experimenting with some Sega Genesis and YM3812/OPL2/SoundBlaster soundfonts. Love the sound of those things! Yamaha did some great jobs with their soundchips. Also, more SID tunes are on their way.

That's it for now. See you next time! :D